Testimonials from Previous Trainee Instructors

Julie North qualified 2009 Preston

I didn`t find teaching people to drive very easy in the beginning until that is I was recommended Gary Phillips by a fellow ADI that had been trained by Gary. After trying to attain my part 3 twice before I was very reluctant to reapply without finding myself a new instructor, Gary has a very easy way about him that makes you feel that you can actually do the job if given the correct tools (which I DIDN`T have). I had only a few lessons (with another PDI) and we really did start to see improvement quickly and light bulbs were going off in my head and everything started to make sense. We were able to pay Gary as we went so there was no commitment made by us and we never felt like we were pressured into doing the part 3 until WE felt we were ready. I cannot speak highly enough of Gary and his teaching technique and I strongly recommend him as a ADI trainer and I did gain my part 3 after only a few months training with Gary.

Julie North ADI


Gareth Hatton qualified 2001 Wigan

When Gary was training me to be an driving instructor, he made it simple, easy to follow and give me skills that I still use all day every day. I made a friend and a new career. I could not have asked for more.

Gareth Hatton ADI


Ian Platt qualified 2009 Atherton

I met Gary through the test centre after already failing my first attempt at part 3 with a larger company. After a brief chat with Gary I decided to change the large company methods for the one to one approach. I found this worked extremely well as I came away with a grade 5. Gary was a large contributing factor to this result, his knowledge, patience and expertise were invaluable to me.  I found Gary to be flexible with training times and always prepared lessons plans to best suit my needs for development. He was always honest with me giving me encouragement and constructive feedback to enable me to build up the skills I required not only to pass my part 3 but also to give me the solid foundations on which to build my career.
I would recommend Gary to anyone who is looking to start a career as a driving instructor.

Ian Platt ADI


Rabia Neki qualified 2009 Bolton

He was a great teacher, learning was so easy with Gary. He felt like a friend as well. He made things that seemed difficult, straight forward and also was a fun and enjoyable friend.

Rabia Neki ADI


Other Instructors trained by Gary include

  • Mick Monk (Preston)
  • Peter Booth (Blackpool)
  • Alison Finnegan - Star Driving School (Wigan)
  • Ronnie Holden - Star Driving School (St Helens)
  • Anes Adam - 1st Time Driving School (Blackburn)
  • Zuber Buchari - 1st Time Driving School (Blackburn)
  • Nayyar Iqbal - 1st Time Driving School (Blackburn)
  • Daimon Alderson (Sale)
  • Graham Sampson - Graham Sampson SOM (Bolton)
  • Issy Dimbir - Rochdale Driving School (Rochdale)
  • Mark Lightbown (Bolton)
  • Neville Wharton (Skelmersdale)
  • Phil Jones - PJM (Bolton)
  • Steve Roscow (Leigh)
  • Sully Gulab - Sullys (Blackburn)
  • Wayne Hampson (Sale)
  • Zubes (Bolton)
  • Salma (Bolton)
  • Tahira (Bolton)
  • Firosa (Bolton)
  • Ian Gaffney (Wigan)
  • Paul Sealy (Chorley)

Remember My Motto is;
Honesty, Empathy & Respect.

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